Need a new / rebuilt 1ZZ-FE asap (LOS ANGELES AREA)
Hey! I recently bought a Toyota MR2 and had a Celica before.
It's a great car and I'd be very happy if the engine didn't decide to blow a piston and puncture the block.

I was lucky to have a mechanic friend that is helping me out and already pulled the destroyed engine and now we're ready for the swap.
After looking around for a used 1ZZ-FE without much luck we're leaning towards getting a rebuilt one.
What is a reliable source to get a rebuilt 1ZZ-FE for a decent price in the LOS ANGELES area? I don't have experience and would hate to get screwed over with a bad engine.
I feel like I just dodged a bullet after investigating a shop:

It seems they're full on crooks. I need the car to get to work so would really appreciate if anyone has a recommendation on this that can workout asap.