NEW ENGINE and install for 2000 GTS for under $3.3k
AAA Engine on Ebay sent me a short block for my GTS motor after dropping a valve, and IT ROCKS!
I have a new engine and car running for under $3.3k. Currently babying car till about 500 miles, but did get into Vtt ban and HERE WE GO! Yes this car is made to run.
In my young 63 years of driving and being in the car business I've not driven a car, even new, that handles any better. My 2000 GTS has over 170k and still drives like new. With the new motor I notice a much smoother acceleration. If you study the history of this car you'll see that headers, Intake (other than cold air) don't really help the performance of this car. Even the factory exhaust is tuned and over sized.
Be careful if boosting this engine as it has a pretty high compression ratio.