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here is the tinting instructions, use at your own risk #6565 Jun 13, 8:12pm Jun 13, 8:12pm

Anonymous OP
Anonymous OP

here is the tinting instructions, use at your own risk
right now color tints are not available for automobile windows (require thin film) color tints are only available for residential tints. They are alittle thick but I belive you can use it for your window. Now if you do buy these films you can apply this yourself with just few tools. You need to buy a heatgun, fine file, squeegy (small ones), stainless steel razor blade (a)(flat wide ones with one side bent in), and a razor blade that you can break off far edge piece so if it becomes dull you can break tip and you have a sharp one again. First you have to treat the window, use some water with a dab of dishwashing soap in a spray bottle cover the whole outside of window clean the window by using razor blade (a) going over outside of window then squeegy clean. Spray more on window put on the film on outside of the film (with the clear throw away glue cover facing out toward you actual film making contact on glass). Now keep alittle extra on outside of window and alittle bit extra on bottom of window. Now squeegy the film to remove some water from between the film and glass, this will make a solid hold by window to film. Now use heat gun and heat up the wrinkly area you will see the wrinkle shrink away(try to keep wrinkly area as small as possible by separate them into 2 or 3 because this will keep the tint from being too thick which cause distortion) Once you see that all section of the window is making contact to window use the break away type of razor blade trim the edge of the film off, becareful when you trim off do not rip into the film that covers the window you can leave a small edge extra because it can be filed off also leave extra film that goes below the window so you can stick it under the window. Do this to drivers side and passengers window, with the triangle window and back window you do have to use razor blade to cut alittle bit farther out than the see through part of the area, these window have black edge which will help you hide the edge of the film. Once you finish doing this to all window you are ready to apply. But you do have to clean thoroughly on all windows (becareful of rear window because you have defrost line there) just use spray bottle and use squeegy for back window) Once you have it cleaned spray down the window hurry up and apply the film onto the window by removing top portion of the plastic clear cover to protect the glue of the film, stick onto the window and adjust by moving it to place you can do this because you have water between tint and window. Once you have top portion in place spray some more water pull back the bottom of the rubber piece out stick the squeegy between the rubber portion and the window to keep rubber piece out. remove the protective coating and stick the film into under the rubber part (remove one of the squeegy and hold the rubber out with 1 hand and move the film in with the other while keep film from folding) then do the same with the other side.
Now you just run through the whole window with the squeegy to squeegy out all air and water. Now you heat up the edge of the window to get more water out from the edge of window to make the glue make contact to glass(frame less window yave to do this, or else the film will move) do not heat the glass too much it should be hot enough so that you can still touch the film if it is too hot to touch do not heat anymore move to another spot. After you are confident it is totally making contact you are ready to file down the film. Just run the edge of the film going 1 direction toward the glass, do not pull or it will pick up film and ruin the film. After you file all edge you are done with the side windows. With the triangle window and rear window is easier because you cut it just bigger than the clear see through area of the window. All you have to do is remove the clear protective plastic then stick it onto a cleaned with razor blade window with wet sprayed window. Once you shift it into place use razor blade to remove water, after you do that you are done.
This is a huge instruction, but if you want to use illegal film you have to do this yourself. Not many shop will do this for you, because the customer gets caught the tint shop is liable for this.
now here is my disclaimer, all instruction is show to allow people who wants to use color film for show cars that will not be driven on street roads. hahaha gotta protect myself.

Re: here is the tinting instructions, use at your own risk #6566 Jun 14, 10:49am Jun 14, 10:49am

Anonymous OP
Anonymous OP

Our shop has all different colors of tint. The only house tint they use is a complete chrome tint. I have red flames in my tint. Looks good. I don't know where he gets his tint, but he has red, green, blue and can mix these colors to get others. A friend of mine has the blue tint with red on top and it gives him a deep purple that matches his car exactly. Very popular right now is to tint the windows a color - say red - and then put the chrome behind it. Now the tint is a metallic red. Looks awesome.

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