00 GT front disc rotor size problem?
Hi everybody,

I've read about the difference between 00 GT and all others (01-05 GT and 00-05 GTS) on front brake disc size. So 00 GT has a smaller one than the rest (10.8" front, 10.6" rear). But does anyone know the exact size of 00 GT front disc (how many inches)?

I'm thinking of a rear drum to disc conversion, pulling the rear assembly off from a GTS. Will the slightly smaller front disc on my 00 GT cause any problems of the braking power distribution (something like a front/rear ratio)?

Also, if the size difference is not big, can I possibly fit a 01-05 GT front rotor onto my 00 GT? I mean will there be enough room for that? If not, do you guys think if I should upgrade the front brakes to the GTS standard size as well? I'm in a tight budget so I would not consider any aftermarket fancy big brake kits, just too expensive for me. Do you think it gonna worth it to pull the front brake assembly off from a GTS together for my 00 GT? Or just the caliper bracket is enough?

The 00 GT front rotor size exception is really annoying for the conversions...... Thank you very much in sharing your knowledge and helping me. I really appreciate it!

(p.s. Please forgive me for my lack of mechanical basics and language proficiency)