Air Vents - How To Increase Air Flow
Increase Air Flow From Air Vents
By Vic Nomura, June 11, 2001

Here are some tips.

If you want more to flow into you car do ONE of the following to improve the air flow coming out of the air conditioner.

1. Drop one of the rear seats down.
2. Crack open the moon-roof.
3. Open the window about inch down.

You're probably asking yourself... #2 and #3 sound reasonable... lets out the air from inside escape...but what's with #1???

Here's the reason.

On hot rainy wet days when you don't want to open the windows you have to find another way of getting the hot air out.

Toyota have placed an air vent on the driver side rear area behind the rear tire. It's only on the drivers side and you can see the vent if you remove your rear bumper off.

The entrance to the vent is where the tire jack is. By dropping one of the rear seats down, it allows the hot air inside to easily escape out the back.

Notice the air vent on the driver's side but not the passenger's...

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