Suspension Information
The chassis is an adaptation of the Japanese Vista's all independent suspension. The front MacPherson struts are located by pressed-steel lower L-arms, which are attached to the rigidly mounted subframe. The top 2ZZ-GE-powered model features the Super Strut suspension, which is exclusive to Japanese Celicas. The suspension employs dual forged lower arms with double joints that locate the upright's lower end and a camber control rod that connects the strut end and the No. 1 lower arm. The lower arms form a virtual kingpin axis closer to the tire's contact center, and the camber control rod reduces the tire's camber change.

At the rear, a "double wishbone" suspension has replaced the previous strut type. The lower L-arm comprises a tubular front arm and a pressed-steel flexible rear link. The L-arm and a single upper link form double wishbones. Coil springs and shock absorbers are mounted concentrically on the tubular lower arms at their mid-length. The arm layout and bushing characteristics provide a toe-control function, inducing a stable toe-in during cornering and braking. The suspension also incorporates anti-squat and -lift geometry. The arms are attached to a hydroformed I-shaped subframe, which is rigidly mounted on the body shell