Hoodscoop, MB Autosport Hoodscoop - Review by Tony
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MB Autosport Hoodscoop Review
By Tony @ EverythingCelica.com

MB Autosport has released their 2nd. generation hoodscoop for the 2000+ Celica. The 2nd generation hoodscoop resolved the fitting problem found on the 1st. generation. The hoodscoops now use smaller bolts. And there is no need to modify the stock Hood for installation.

My first impression on the hoodscoop is that the fiberglass work is very good. There are no cracks. The lines are smooth and straight. However, some minor chips and scratches on the bottom of the scoop would need to filled in before painting.

Installation is a snap. It just drop right in! If you want to install the stock rain guard, you would need to drill 2 small holes on the scoop. This step is very easy and optional.

Overall, I am happy with the new scoop. It adds an aggressive look to our Celica. As of this writing, the 2nd generation hoodscoop is only available in fiberglass. The carbon fiber version is in work. MB Autosport will paint the scoop for an additional cost. Please visit www.mbautosport.com for more info and to place order.

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Tony (tonykma84@hotmail.com)