Body Kit, Blitz Body Kit (U.S. Spec Polyurethane) - FYI

Body Kit, Blitz Body Kit (U.S. Spec Polyurethane) - FYI
By Isaac DeCoursey @

The Polyurethane Blitz is now the LARGEST front bumper available for the Celica (the R2 front got bumped to second place in this category).

The Celica used for this review is running 17'' wheels with 45 profile tires and stock suspension with a 1/2'' raise in front due to the 60lbs sound system in it's trunk.

The front ground clearance of the Blitz is 6'' from the ground (think about this if you want to lower your ride)

Because this Blitz front is not only tall, but its much longer then stock, you have to be extra careful about driving up and down curbs - parking structures and single direction driveways are absolutely out of the question!!!

''how does this bumper compare to the TRD front?''... The TRD front bumper is the shortest in height of the front-end FULL REPLACEMENTS available on the market today.

Profiles w/ stock suspension and 17'' wheels:
> BLITZ (Poly/US Spec)
> R2
> TRD (18'' wheels with 2'' drop)

Available Blitz Front Bumpers (Unpainted/Uninstalled):

1. BLITZ - U.S. Spec (Polyurethane)
approximate street price $300 - $340

2. BLITZ - U.S. Spec (Fiberglass)
approximate street price $220 - $250

3. BLITZ - JDM Spec (Fiberglass)
approximate street price $220 - $270

At the time of this review, there is NOT a poly urethane version of the JAP/JDM Spec Blitz front body kit. (July 2002)


The U.S. BLITZ fiberglass VS the U.S. BLITZ polyurethane bumper:

The fiberglass front is about 1'' shorter in height then the urethane front and weighs only 20 lbs - The urethane front weights about 35 - 40lbs.

There isn't an official version of the BLITZ front bumpers for the Celica... this is why you might see several different styles of it in fiberglass.

Fitment & Installation notes:
The majority of the fiberglass Blitz bumpers do NOT fit perfectly, but there are at least two companies dedicated to the perfect fitment of the Blitz - you just have to do your own research/ask around to find which companies those are.

The urethane front fitment is really nice - the trick about buying it in urethane though is the fact that allot of the attachment pieces are larger then they need to be - so you WILL have to get a professional installation done with this. The installer will have to shave corners and drill the holes in exact locations for where the bumper should attach to. (This is a good thing because you will get better fitment this way)

Because of the size of the Blitz, most paint shops will charge more to paint it since there is much more surface area to be painted. Depending on where you go, you are looking at $140 - $250 for the Blitz front ONLY.

Additional stuff you should buy before installing the Blitz:
As with all aftermarket front bumpers, they will NOT come with the rubber weather liner or the Toyota factory emblem/upper grille, or the lower grille.

You can buy the weather liner w/3M tape at any Toyota dealership for $11 (its the same size as the stock weather liners... but you will have to buy a bag of self-tapping screws to attach it)

The upper grille & Toyota logo easily transfers over from your stock bumper (two clips and a screw is how it’s attached)... or you can buy a new upper grille for $32, and a colored Toyota badge/sticker for $17 specially ordered from any Toyota dealership in RED, BLACK, BLUE or CHROME (stock style)

Grilling your Blitz:
The lower grille will have to be professionally installed by the body shop who paints and/or installs your kit. Most shops will charge you between $0 and $45 to install a grill to a brand new bumper. The difference in price depends on the shop prices and/or the quality of the grills.

I suggest that you use a grille with the Blitz front bumper... you will need to grille five openings on the BLITZ. Use a TIGHT WEAVE grille. If you use a grille with large openings, you will be able to see the Celica’s crash bar and other ugly things. (You can also paint the crash bar black or a color that will match your grilles)

Especially with the Blitz urethane, make sure that the grilles are attached with screws AND industrial grade hot-glue... these are HUGE openings that will get A LOT of wind resistance... and you don’t really want these grilles to fly off

Fogs and Intakes:
There are a few body kits that will NOT allow room for a Cold Air Intake (CAI)... this is NOT one of them. There is plenty of room for a CAI on the Blitz.

Some fronts may require you to relocate or even ditch the front fog lights... the Blitz works well with the stock location of the factory fogs.

DO NOT buy the Blitz in polyurethane if you still have stock wheels on your Celica (15'' or 16'')... and if you are rolling on 17'' wheels, a 45 profile tire is the minimum recommended size. If your car is dropped to ANY height (1'' - 2.5''), 18''wheel/35profile should be just fine... but 19'' will compliment this big bad boy very nicely!

I really like the Blitz in urethane... I would suggest that if you really want the Blitz, ONLY BUY IT IN URETHANE... the Blitz is a huge bumper and will initially cost more for paint, grilles and install then most other bumpers... by buying it in urethane for a little more upfront, you save yourself allot of time and hassles that its fiberglass counterpart WILL bring you (scraping cracks/spidering and poor fitment)