Building A Winning Show Car - How To
> How To Build A Winning Show Car
How to build a winning show car! Back in the mid and early 90s, when the import industry was just emerging, a car with an exhaust and three spoke rims was considered fixed up. Today the show scene has evolved| incredibly. It has become highly competitive with much more at stake then before. Now instead of showing off your car just for personal enjoyment, teams are battling it out for media coverage, cash payouts, and most of all sponsorships. So lets go over the basics of what it takes to win:
(Keep in mind you can only score a max of 1000 points per category)
The most overlooked area of the show car. Todays top winning show cars can compete in the show circuit and on the track. Not only that but the engines themselves can gain a huge amount of points.
JDM engine swap +400
Turbo/Supercharger +250
NOS +200
Chrome/polished engine pieces +20 per piece
Installation/Cleanliness +/- 400
Powdercoated/polished tranny +200
Powdercoated/polished block +200
Powder coated valve cover +50
Custom Intercooler + piping +150
Intake piping + Filter +10-50 depending on brand name
Headers +50
Color matched wire loom +50 total
Aftermarket Oil Cap +15
JDM engine accessories +75 per piece
Color matched hosing +50 total
The most overly done category of the show circuit.
JDM Body Kit +500
Body Kit +350
Wide Body +350
Pearl Paint +200 add 50 per additional pearl
Chromaflair +300
Candy/Flakes +250
Cleanliness/Installation +/- 400
Aftermarket spoiler +150
Riceboy Emblems -100 each
JDM Emblems +50 each
Custom Grille +50
Carbon Fiber pieces +100 each
Custom scoops/vents +75 each
Exhaust +100-300 depending on brand name
add 100 for dual exhaust
Custom lighting +200
Another overlooked category.
Wheels Advan/AVS: +500
Volk Racing +400
Racing Hart (Japan): +400
HRE: +400
Kinesis: +400
5 Zigen: +300
OZ Wheels: +300
TSW (Europe): +300
Konig: +100
ALT: +100
Motegi: +100
Axis: +150
Stock: -100
19: add 300
18: add 200
17: add 100
16: add 50
15: Drag Wheels only add 100
Chips: -10 per wheel
Curbing: -50 per wheel
Damaged: -100 per wheel
Cleanliness/Installation +/-150
Powdercoated/polished links and arms +50 per piece
Sway Bars +100
Aftermarket shocks/struts +20-100 depending on brand name
Springs: +20-50 depending on brand name
Hydraulics/Air bags +400 (Hot Import Nights/Daze)
+250 (Import Showoff)
+50 (NIRA)
Coilovers: +100
Full Coilover System +350
The category that many cant afford.
Try to stay within 3 colors. Rainbows are ugly inside cars.
Full aftermarket leather +200-500 depending on brand name (Katzkin-Garrett)
Full aftermarket suede +350
Full aftermarket non leather +250
Cleanliness/Installation +/-200
Indiglo Gauges +100
Aftermarket Gauges +75 per gauge
Roll cage +350
Racing seats Bride: +500 per seat
Recaro: +450 per seat
Sparco: +400 per seat
Momo: +400 per seat
Cobra: +350 per seat
Corbeau: +300 per seat
Tenzo: +200 per seat
Konig: +200 per seat
Reclinables: -100 per seat
Carbon/Kevlar: +200
3 point racing seatbelt: +100
4 point racing seatbelt: +150
5 point full camlock system: +300
Paint matched dash pieces +50 per piece
Carbon fiber/Kevlar dash +200
Aftermarket pedals +50-200 depending on brand name
Aftermarket shift knob/shifter +50-200 depending on brand name
Aftermarket steering wheel +100-350 depending on brand name
Chrome/polished pieces +50 per piece
Yes thats right. Stickers can score you points!
Remember though, bigger brand names score higher!
Full body graphics +500 add 100 per additional color
Cleanliness/Installation +/-200
Random stickers +10 per sticker
Roll call +200
Illuminescent Graphics +300
Carbon graphics +100
Glitter graphics +200
Chromaflair graphics +300
This is judged as they do at a IASCA meet. So follow those rules.