Radio LED Conversion - How To Change Color
Celica Radio LED Conversion
By Sean (

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-= Do at your own risk!! =-

Tools you'll need

Philips screw driver(2 size prefer)
Fine tip solder gun(2 solder gun makes it easier), 15/30w from Radioshack works good
Silver type solder
L.E.D. ~ Order page will be updated soon ~
and two steady hand =)

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1. Remove the shifter plastic cover
It just lifts up with a slight snap
I just pull it out a little for clearance

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2. Just take those two screw out and pull the AC control knobs like shown on next step

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3. Just take those two screw out too

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4. Lift from the bottom and pull it out towards you

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5. Use 10 or 11mm bolt socket

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6. Kind of tricky but use flat head screw driver
Lift the tap and pull it out some how =P

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7. This is what you get when you take the front panel off
Unscrew all the screws

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8. This is how it looks after front panel is off

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9. You need to remove the LCD panel
Bend the metal tabs on those red circle
With the solder gun, melt the tip on the red triangle and the LCD panel will slide out

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10. Well another picture with LCD panel off

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11. Important when soldering LED
Make sure it's installed in right way, it only work in one direction.

Each LED has marking called anode, which tells electricity flow(don't need to know this)
It's either "T" on the back or some kind of color on one side.

Example for left picture you would install "T" going to the right and for right picture you would install "T" going down or if it has some color marking, for the left picture it would towards right and for right picture, the marking would towards bottom.
To make it simple just install other way if doesn't work

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