1980 GT USGP
The USGP stands for United States Grand Prix.

This Special Edition was to commemorate Toyota s association with Grand Prix racing in the United States.

This $750.00 option was offered only in 1980.

The option included the following.

On the exterior:
a special honeycomb grill
flat black B pillars
Grand Prix Body stripes
mud guards
aluminum alloy wheels
185/70 HR14 Raised White Letter Tires

On the interior:
ivory vinyl seats with black piping
ivory colored headliner and door panels
black leather wrapped steering wheel
a high performance sound system, which featured electronic tuner, cassette deck,equalizer/amplifier and four speakers
last item is a USGP dash plaque.

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The USGP came in Red, White or Blue exterior paint. It s said that there were only 200 of each color made. (this has not been confirmed)


1980 Toyota Celica GT USGP, RA42 376137, April 1980

One time owner:

Current mileage = 129,436.0

Car was driven as a daily drive until 1990 and then removed from the road and put into storage. First four years it was outside but covered. In 1994 it was moved to its current location and put back on the road for about two months. Then it was put back into storage in a garage and covered. In 2003 it was again put on the road for about four months. Then it was put back into storage in a garage and covered. In 2008 it was tagged with antique vehicle tags and is driven once a month in the summer time (and never in wet conditions). It is kept in the garage at all times and covered in the winter. Car is all original and has no body rust. It did have the drivers fender replaced in 1980 due a minor accident. Hood, fender, and drivers door where repainted. The Hood is showing signs of fading paint and is in need of repainting again. There are some small parking lot dents on the following, driver s fender, driver s door, and right rear panel. The car has had louvers added to the rear and side windows. The louvers where a dealer option at the time. The car also had the steeling changed to power steeling. The dash was changed to the dash from a 1980/1981 Supra. The lower trim between the front and rear wheels was changed to the chrome trim from a Supra. The 20R engine runs good but has had two oil leaks in the 129,436 miles, both times in the timing chain cover. I repaired it both times. There have been two small rust holes in the inter body that I have fixed, one in the inter drivers rear wheel well and the other near the gas pedal floor board.

A kill switch was added to the dash and labeled Fog Lamps. The indicator warning lights where changed, adding a reverse light indicator and a security light indicator and ajar light indicator.

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Refinished wheels soon to be on car

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