2zz-ge intake manifold in 1zz-fe motor?
hi im new here I have pictures coming soon, I just recently built my celica it came to me with a oil consuming motor which the kid blew up and thru a rod out the car lol and it was automatic, but I changed the motor to a non oil consuming one from a 2004 Pontiac vibe, and I also made it into a manual and got a 6 speed off a gts also, put rear disc brakes, leather seats, door panels and leather steering wheel, and I have a 2zz-ge motor from a Pontiac vibe GT also waiting on me but im saving it for later but I love my 6 speed GT it drives just like the gts the key was the FIDANZA aluminium flywheel WOW what a difference that made its night and day difference, but anyways my question is can I put a 2zz-ge Intake manifold into the 1zz-fe motor? has any one tried it? do I need a adaptor? and also I just installed a oil catch can, has anyone install one before im kinda skeptical about it, but hey is worth a shot.