Puget Sound region
Hello all,

I’m sorry for posting in the general discussion section; I was trying to find the region specific forums but had no luck.

I am new to the Puget Sound area and would like a tip from the locals. I moved to Mercer Island and now I can’t find anywhere to where to work on my car. I usually would do all the maintenance and mods on my car myself, but living in Mercer Island has made it very difficult for me to do so. It is extremely difficult because I live in an apartment complex. It is very expensive to rent a garage just to do simple maintenance her on the island.

So for all you in the area that live in an apartment, how do you go about doing things like oil changes while living in a complex? Like I said, I am new and don’t know many people (so I can’t borrow a garage or space). All my friends in the area are also new to the area so they are also just renting.

I do have my own tools and all, I only lack space. Please give me any tips and recommendations on how I can care for my celica without emptying my pockets.