2001 Celica VVTI 140 Wheel Studs
I'm trying to replace the wheel studs on this vehicle. However all of the ones I can find are to long. Specifically im trying to find out the spleen size as well as the stock length spec etc.

I have found these:


However the length of the one I have pulled off is about 38-39 overall and 34mm from the bottom of the mushroom head to the bottom.

The studs from the following thread look like the correct ones.


Can anyone tell me the exact stock stud spec?

Specifically the spleen, everything else I can make work. m12x1.5x34mm (excluding cap)

is it 14.3?

i haven't got a pitch gauge to hand. Also can these be bought anywhere locally in the uk?

The wheels I have on are aftermarket and these studs are used with the following nut:


I hate the tuner nuts they are absolutely awful and a massive pita to put the wheels back on with.

If the studsabove with 14.1-14.3 spleen will fit the toyota hub is there a longer tuner style nut I could use. A longer tuner nut would make getting the wheels back on easier, a lot easier.

I've had one buggered stud for a couple of months now. I pulled this one out today and in doing so another stud died so I now have one of the front wheels on with 3 nuts and could do with sorting it tomorrow.