Celica VVTL-i 2002 with a huge secondaey air pump fault, help!
hello everyone
been browsing your site, and came across a lot of usefull info specialy the guides on how to do things!

but before i start tinkering and playing i need to sort my CEL light out as its driving me mad!

bought my car 4 weeks ago and now the weathers getting colder here in the UK the secondary air pump has started working.. i assume it never worked when i bought it as the fuse ws blown, but not cold enough for it to be activated?
with the fuse blown im getting the code for secondary air pump circuit... p0410? cant remember it of the top of my head.

soon as i put the fuse in you can here it pumping away (vacuum cleaner sound) but litrely it stops as if to much pressure is building up and its getting overloaded. i have a huge power drain and my lights flicker..

so i have removed the fuse to disable to pump for now as its so annoying haveing this massive power drain and i dont want to to any further damage.

so i took my pump of and stripped it, done this twice but its free, it powers up fine and once connected to a power supply it spins and blows air freely without any sign of seizing up!

im now down to one of two things, i believe its the EGR? or is it the VCV? from the secondary air pump a big pipe goes to a valve operated by vacuum that opens and this allows the pump to blow air into the exhaust.. this looks pretty new, so i assume someones been there before. but how do i test this?

and also i have a little VSV vacuum operated solonoid bolted on the brackets of the secondary air pump.. with 3 ports and a wire connection on it.. how do i test this?

if anyone can send me a diagram of the vacuum layout? this would be appreciated, as i suspect someones been there before and im worried they maybe connected the wrong way?

so if this is in the wrong section i apologise. feel free to move it to the correct one,
and thanks in advance, hopefully someone can help me out as i love the car to bits and i dont want to get rid of it just for this reason,