Timing Chain help ASAP Please!!
Alright we are totally stumped here we have doing a lot! My car is the celica Gt soo its the 1zzfe and i was wondering if someone can help with timing it we just finished the rebuild and we got a new chain and sprocket and what not but still nothing. The paint marks dont work! The exhaust cam gear has 3 marks it has Ex. an IN. and a timing mark with a bigger mark and a smaller mark lined up on a tooth. We took the One with the bigger and smaller dot and lined it up with the Intake cam and not sure what happened but it didnt time not sure if it was the old chain slipped but we need help is that the right one to use out of the 3 timing marks?

Any advice at all would be great! really hope to get this car running again!
t4turbo i saw u posted on another persons post about this but i couldnt figure out what you ment soo hopefully we can get it solved so i can get my car on the road again