E-Brake jerks/snaps when I pull the lever up

I have a 2001 Toyota Celica GTS.

The backing plate that holds the pins that keep the e-brake shoes in place is rusted, and one of the pins ripped out and cracked the ceramic shoe material. I replaced the shoes on the driver side and tightened up the e-brakes with that star-shaped sprocket wheel.

After a few days of driving, when I pulled the e-brake lever it tends to jerk as if it was locked up somehow. Once I pull through that jerk the e-brake works as desired. It sounds like the sound is coming from under the car somewhere. I checked the lines and don't see any dents or compression.

I retightened and put the rotors back on and drove. The jerk goes away but eventually comes back again.

When I have the rotors off, the e-brake doesn't produce that jerk...

Also because the backing plate is rusted, I made washers so the pins don't pull through the backing plate. That might be an issue, but they don't block anything.

So is the driver side cable stretched out?
Did it get damaged somehow when that shoe pin damaged the e-brake shoe?

Any ideas mates...