93 GT what's broken now? Let's find out!
So I've got a 1993 GT that has (as expected) had to be towed without fail every week since I got it a month ago. The latest tow trip was due to her bogging, throttle lag, low idle (500-600rpm), idol sure, and stalling when put into neutral. So, I threw a new TPS in her and that fixed the low idol, and surging. Now I've got an intermittent issue with the bogging, stalling IN GEAR, and throttle lag. Now this is not every time I start the car and drive, in fact it seems to be after a couple minutes driving or idling. Then the fun begins. The one thing I can note is that you can hear the fuel pump struggling every other time I turn the car on and when she goes to stall in gear it is ALWAYS when I go to accelerate after slowing or stopping and I can hear the same sound then. So I'm thinking fuel pump and I just got a new one in so I'll be doing that the next few days. But I wanted to hear other ideas. No smoke out of the tail pipe, she does leak coolant when off so that burns when I first start her but I know where the leak is and I don't let the coolant get too low. No strange sounds from the engine, no burnt oil, nada. The lady I got her from did note she occasionally had trouble starting it (you'd have to give her a few taps on the throttle) and she had taken it in and been told the fuel pump would need replacing soon.

Any other ideas, guys?